Passion Party road trip
My daughter had surgery on Friday. I didn't eat very well.  And of course, I didn't sleep  neither. I worry about my kids even though two are in their 20's. They will always be my babies.  Then on Saturday, I drove to Wyoming for a party. It was great. When a party reach 1000.00 it's called a G-Spot party, and I had one.  I ended up eating some of the food at the party. Then I ate around  1 am with my daughter and grandson and went to sleep about 230am.  Drove home and ate like crap on the way home to stay awake.  My weight at the start was 171.  I will check my weight on Thursday. I am hoping to lose weight to help my liver and to lower my cholesterol.   I walk for exercise and pull the kids I sit in their wagon. I work out with a dvd as I am too ashamed to go the gym.  I need to get the nerve up to take a class. I have the kids tomorrow. Or should I say today. Ok, tomorrow (today) is another day.

Two weddings and a long week.

The week started out with me being sick and in pain. I came back to life on Tuesday. Monday I pulled the kids in the wagon to the park. Wed, we went to the Library. One of the kids weighs 40lbs at the least, Pullin them in the grass to see the characters for storytime wasn't easy. I was so hot and tired, felt faint. Not the thing to do when you are just coming back to life from exhaustion.  Walked around the VA this week on their Move trail.  Eating better this week. I want to have a steak right now. Went to my nephew's reception on Wed. Walked around and spoke to the family I haven't seen since my sister in law passed away.  Ate a yummy salad and tons of veggies.  Totally forgot to drink some water there,  Went to the VA on Thursday and walked again. Friday night I did the Girl's Night Out at Fashion Bug.  Got some leads.  Walked around the store greeting people and having them try our newest edible product. I went to a wedding today.  I did the videography for it and the reception. I am so tired!!! My feet hurt. Right now, I really want to eat a steak. It's so late and I'm hungry. I had a half of a sandwich at the reception.  I even cut the cake for the entire reception crowd Love doing that. I got to have a slice of red velvet cake on the way home. Hmmm maybe that's why I'm so hungry!! Sugar and flour.  Tomorrow is another day and I need to go to sleep. Funny, this time last week, I was in Wyoming.  I will be there next Saturday for a Passion Party. Yea!  I will also see my Grandson and daughter. Good night!!  Next week, I will hit the gym. So excited cause this week was not so good health wise. Ciao!

Cross Country Trek
 So on the 3rd I flew to Oklahoma to meet with my daughter to drive back to Utah.  She was awesome, she picked up some grapes, carrots, and cranberry trail mix. I ate at the Airport in SLC for breakfast. I had oatmeal at Starbucks. Later in Denver after walking all over the airport for exercise, I ate an anti pasto salad without dressing. Each flight I asked for cranberry juice. I had a bottle of water with me and boy did it come in handy. I ate half of a ham and swiss panini in Tulsa. We drove to Kansas and then later to Colorado the next day. I ate the carrots like they were potato chips. Speaking of chips, I ate about 4 of them last night to keep me awake while driving. Then, I chomped on gum and listened to the sound track from the movie Robots. LOL it was not fun driving I80 with all the construction,  two horrible accidents, my eyes needing my drops (I suffer with dry eye). Today I had the shower for my friend Andrea. I made the best chicken salad. I ate the veggies on the tray and drank some pink lemonade. I can't ingest fake sugars. I use the real deal. I like natural foods and stuff.  I had a sliver of the cake. Now I feel like a slug, from the jet lag, and the food on the road. In Denver, we stopped at Church's Chicken my weakness.  I know this is helping me to feel sluggish along with the lack of sleep. and road tripping.  I didn't get to exercise today. but I will work out tomorrow after I get off from work. My knees hurt.  I think sitting and driving for all those hours can really take it's toll on a person's knees.  Well, tomorrow is another day.


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